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Back in 2002, search engine optimization (SEO) emerged as the web’s number one science. It became the key to bagging positions on the first page of relevant search engine results, in effect, resulting to more visitors, more leads, and more sales.

Online businessmen rushed to learn the intricacies of this new technique. They discovered proper ways of researching for keywords, on-page adjustments, and link building tactics.

Gone were the days when webmasters could just mention a particular keyword a million times and merge the font color with the background, a clever technique which was rendered obsolete by the dawn of the SEO age.

Video Marketing info MRR ebook “Web Video Tips” includes the following topics;

Cameras: Dos and Dont’s

The Face of Your Product


Notes on Chroma-Keying

Preparation for Editing

Fundamentals Of Good Editing

And much much more. . .

This Ebook comes with pdf, graphics, squeeze page and resale pages.

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